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John Wilham
Home: 309-473-3026
Cell: 217-213-9626

John Wilham
16801 N 518 E Road
Fithian IL 61844
Cell: 217-213-9626

Hello! I am John Wilham. I have worked in and on barge & rail car loading facilities for nearly 40 years. I operated both a design and sales company and also a construction and installation company in central Illinois.

I am looking for consultant work involving systems at inland River Terminals. I plan to offer details at this website which may help interested parties to purchase proper reliable equipment. Many purchasing agents and managers have not had “hands on” experience with these systems and I plan to offer information in a “tutorial” format.

You will need to have checked, any structural or safety items that are developed in your reading of this material by a professional engineer or safety expert as I do not have those credentials.

These pages are a “work in progress”, as I intend to continue to contribute to the general knowledge involving the loading and unloading of trucks, trains and barges. I also have experience in storage and machinery handling of grain, fertilizers, minerals, and other bulk commodities.
I am looking for work, which will utilize my store of knowledge and experience. Following are areas that I might be of help:
  1. Prepare bid documents so that all contractors are bidding the same system.
  2. Prepare AutoCAD drawings of your facility to be utilized in bid documents.
  3. Inspect your facility and help to determine the configuration of new additions.
  4. “Trouble shoot” some problem areas where others have not been able to correct.
  5. Sit in on the side of the facility staff at board meetings so that they become expert when considering contractor’s proposals.
  6. Help you or your staff obtain the facts with which to wisely choose among proposals.
  7. I can operate as “project manager” to insure that the contractor carries out his duties in a way that will insure that his work is as good as it can be.
  8. Simply answer questions and make comments via E-mail

I plan, eventually, to address all of the items in the "Home" menu and some others as well.

I have also worked with the State of Illinois as an engineering technician where I helped build roads, highways, and bridges. I also experienced duties at concrete and blacktop plants as proportioning engineer. I understand soils.

I have a valid passport, and have worked in many areas of this country, as well as at some international facilities.

My resume is available via E-mail at your request.

I have resumes of engineers in several different areas of expertise, including the design of entire river ports.

I sometimes work with an engineer from Argentina who is expert in designing ports for container handling and bulk materials loading/unloading. Edward John Maitland Heriot from Buenos Aires can speak fluent Spanish, English, and conversational French. I can forward his resume if you have interest.

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